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Porto was born October 31, 1984 in Timbauba, Brazil. She’s the daughter of Marcio Porto, a well-known trade unionist close to former President Lula, and the eldest of 3. She grew up in the city of Campina Grande (Pernambuco) spending her time between school, dance and volley-ball. At the age of 13, she won her first beauty pageant. Other victories followed. In 2001, she left Brazil after her father was appointed in Boston. Despite being crowned Miss Brasil USA in 2002, Porto joined Boston University and started a degree in Marketing. After a few months, she dropped her studies and decided to try her luck as model in New-York. Having started from scratch, she gradually made a niche for herself and managed in less than 3 years to land assignments with top-notch advertisers. Then represented by Elite and Wilhelmina, Porto rose to international fame in 2007 as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for December. Following her centerfold appearance, Porto won new modeling contracts and shot several videos in the music industry. In January 2010, she made an unexpected comeback in Playboy with brand new sets of pictures and videos for the late Cyberclub. Regular appearances in the Playboy galaxy followed until 2013. 1½ year later, Porto announced her decision not to do nudes anymore and officially retired from modeling in September 2016, shortly before she gave birth to her first child. Porto is married to a famous Wall-Street investor and shares her life between New-York City and The Hamptons.

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